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The Golf Orthotic Custom Design and Concept

Your Feet and the Ground

A Question of Balance - Golf Orthotics improve balance

Lack of balance is one of the top three flaws in the golf swing. Lower body positioning and movements  should include:

Set-up-Weight is balanced between both arches and the balls of the feet

Takeaway- Weight shifts to the inside portion of the right knee and inside portion of the right arch with no rotation of the right foot outward; weight on the left arch is reduced as weight shifts right.

The downswing-Is initiated by an lower body shift  changing weight to for left side.

So, What goes wrong?

There is lack of balance at set up and weight is either on heels, toes, or just not stabilized

There is a sway instead of a turn

In the backswing, weight either stays left or moves right with weight transferring  past the inside part of the right knee or the right foot rolls outward causing a shift away from the ball; this is a key cause of the slice!

On the downswing, weight stays right causing an 'over the top' motion instead of a lower body shift towards the target

The Own2feet Custom Golf Orthotic!

Is made from a custom mold of your foot designed to keep proper weight dispersion at set up as per the above diagram

Is engineered to prohibit weight from moving 'outside' that right side and the dreaded sway

The left foot is designed to initiate the downswing with the lower versus the upper body.

BALANCE is meticulously maintained throughout the entire process resulting in straighter longer shots! 

Made Exclusively for Golf

  • Can be made to fit in any golf shoe
  • Keeps foot cool with a soft, cushioned, and wicking top cover
  • Guaranteed fit and durability
  • Can many times be used in other shoes

Comomg soon

Custom Made Golf Shoes - Soon!

Choose Your Own Personallly Fitted Golf shoe

  • Guaranteed Comfort
  • Made from a direct mold of your foot
  • Choose from multiple leathers
  • Choose from multiple colors
  • Choose from multiple shoe types including tradtional, athletic, and even post round or dress shoes

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