Medical Orthotics - South Florida Only -RX Required

Explanation and Restrictions

These orthotics are fabricated based on prescription from a licensed Physician or eligible prescriber ONLY.  State Law and Scope of Practice Mandate this. This service is based upon a medical need or condition that has been diagnosed by a physician and is only available to South Florida Clients on a face-to-face visit

Rigid Functional Orthotics

Differing from our other offerings, these orthotics are typically more rigid rather than conforming or accommodative.  They typically require significant modifications, posting, rear and forefoot change and even are sometimes made for partial amputations.

Diabetic Orthotics and/or Neuropathy

This is many times a covered service if you are of Medicare aged patients.  Own2feet does not participate with Medicare We will, however make a line of orthotics for diabetic and neuropathic feet.  See samples of Diabetic Orthotics by clicking above.

The UCBL Orthotics

University of California - Berkeley Labs.  This is a very controlling orthothic that is utilized for a multitude of reasons including  flat feet, Charcot Feet, Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction, and sometimes as an adjunct to Drop foot. Click on the picture above to see sample.

Custom Molded Shoes

In the absence of a pathology, does not require a prescription. If there is severe foot deformity, which is the primary reason for CMS, shoes can generally be constructed with a conversation and approval by your physician. These shoes have proven to be  life-savers to those who have not been walking due to severe foot deformity!